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Ethereum has earned its place as the cryptocurrency second to bitcoin, as it’s the one with the second-largest market cap.

But the two don’t always compete. Bitcoin is seen as a store of value, while ethereum’s blockchain enables the development of smart contracts and various applications, which gives it wider use cases.

But ethereum’s real competitor may be coming down the pipeline, according to Keith Bliss, the president of Capital2Market, a firm that provides technology solutions to the financial sector. Bliss told Insider he saw developers increasingly turning to polkadot, the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, to build their platforms. 

Bliss’ career has largely revolved around fintech since the late 1990s, when he sold trade-order-management systems to large buy-side asset managers. He then transitioned to electronic trading systems that connected institutional buy-side players with institutional sell-side players to transact equities for Wall Street.

He has witnessed the gradual development of fintech over…

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