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El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, said in a recent interview that he hopes introducing bitcoin into its economy will be the catalyst for its shift from a Third World country to becoming an industrialized, advanced nation.

Bukule defended the small Central American nation’s decision to adopt the cryptocurrency as legal tender in his discussion with the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast host, Peter McCormack, after critics warned the move could collapse the country’s economy.

Here are his 9 best quotes from the interview, lightly edited and condensed for clarity:

1. “I think bitcoin as legal tender, even though nobody has done it before, it was a no-brainer.” — on being the first country to make the move.

2. “Bitcoin is an open and free system. So, they don’t have to trust us. They have to trust the system, and we trust the system.” — on anyone skeptical about the use of cryptocurrency as legal tender.


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